Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Monday

There is a proverb in Russian: "Monday is a hard day". Today I experienced it in full extent.

Monday is a garbage pickup day in our area. We put all garbage and recyclable stuff in the cans, bags and boxes, and leave that at the curb. Last night was really windy. When I got up in the morning and looked to the street I was surprised to find that all our garbage bins and box were gone! I had a bad feeling when went outside to check that, and I had a reason. The garbage bin cover was on someone's front-yard on another side of the street. The used plastic bottles, containers, cardboard boxes were all over the cul-de-sac. The wind was moving all that and other stuff around. It looked creepy - like some ghost town in the horror movies. So I spent my morning gathering all that. Found some of our garbage even on someone's backyard!

But that was only beginning.

On the way to work I realized that I forgot my pass, so had to return to get it. When I came to downtown I found that my parking spot was taken, so I had to call a parking manager to clarify where I could park.

I hoped the problems should be over after three bad things happened, but I was wrong.
After a while my MacBook Pro crashed and did not want to reboot. Several attempts to reanimate it only resulted in the disk check utility saying the hard disk failed, and could not be recovered.

That was the last straw! Now I am afraid to drive home - really thinking about taking a bus. :\

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