Sunday, May 27, 2012

Making a micro-SIM card

My new phone requires a micro-SIM card, which is a problem, as Wind Mobile does not provide such format yet, so I have a standard size "mini" SIM. A good thing is the micro-SIM uses the same chip with the same contacts as the normal SIM, so it is possible just to cut a micro-card out of the regular one. There are many instructions online with illustrations and videos how to do that.

Well, I had to use the new phone somehow, so I didn't have much choice. Found a good illustration with exact dimensions - it seemed easy to do. So for a test object I found an old Rogers SIM card, which I didn't need anymore, got good scissors, did the measurements, and just cut the card.

The new card could fit into the phone, and it did not complain.

So, I got my working Wind SIM card, and again measured it. I was afraid its bigger chip would be too big, but it looked exactly the right size! A couple minutes later I got a home-made micro-SIM card:

Put it into the phone, and ta-da! It worked!

So it is confirmed: you can actually make a micro-SIM card from a regular SIM without any special tools! You just need a ruler, regular scissors, and a pair of straight hands.


Ómar Ómar said...

thanks for the template!
Used it, cut it, plugged it, :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, it really helped me. I am with WIND as well and just switched to an HTC One S.

MNN said...

Thanks a lot man. You made my day. IT WORKED

SvenKautlenbach said...

Thanks man!
I did it without the template with the ruler and a knife and shit worked on my nexus 4 !

Unknown said...

Works like a charm!

Unknown said...

thanks man! it works

abdelghany ebied said...

جميلة جدًا ... عملية ... وسهلة للغاية

Unknown said...

It worked, even without measuring. I just had a good look at your before and after photos and cut the card eyeballing. Nail file did the precision job to make sure it fits the slot, and the phone works perfectly.!
Awesome, thanks for help, that saved me time and money :D