Monday, August 1, 2011

Mozilla blog

I tried to hide from blogging about Mozilla stuff I work on, as I'm a bit shy :), but I guess I have to do it eventually. It is actually useful as a lot of information gets lost, if not recorded anywhere, so a blog should be a good place to keep that.

I joined Mozilla two years ago, in July 2009, to work on Fennec. There was a plan to make a version for Symbian, and my previous experience with Symbian could help. But the focus at that time was on Windows Mobile, and as I developed for that system as well, I started working on Fennec for WM. We were almost ready for the first release, when Microsoft killed Windows Mobile in favor to the new shiny Windows Phone 7. It turned out that the new version unfortunately was not compatible with the previous ones, as it didn't have an SDK to develop apps in C++ using the underlying Windows CE, like all the previous versions including PocketPC and Windows Mobile. That's when I switched to Android, as it became our main priority.

From time to time I work on the issues, which require a lot of investigation, and have a lot of questions raised. I will try to post here about those issues to have some coverage on what's happening behind the scenes.

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