Saturday, July 30, 2011

Becoming a website admin and designer...

We've started a new business - unique T-shirt design!

My responsibility is obviously - the web site set up, support, and maintenance. It's actually pretty interesting and somewhat new experience for me.

I didn't want to start anything from scratch, because I knew there were some ready-to-use content management systems. I had a quick look at Joomla, did some research on Drupal. But they were too powerful and complicated, so I looked for alternatives. It turned out there are quite a lot of specialized e-commerce engines, and many of them are free. I liked the name OpenCart, tried it, and without much hesitation selected it as our platform. It's not too complicated and pretty usable. There are different modules and extensions available, so it was possible to customize it for our purposes.

The site is now live and working! Check it out:

Our first and my favorite design:

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