Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New PC: Need more hard drives

I still had a lot of useful files on my old PC, and it wasn't convenient to access them. It's especially confusing when there are copies of the same files and folders on two machines (like "My Documents" folder, where I had a lot of stuff - from everyday notes, to my financial data needed for tax return). As I've switched to a new PC, I decided to move the hard drive with all my stuff into it. I also had an SSD in the old PC, which I wanted to use.

So, I repartitioned an older 500GB disk, which I had available, moved the system and all the required data to it, got SSD and the HDD from the old PC, opened Dell XPS, ready to install those two drives, and suddenly stopped confused, as there were no place to connect these drives - there was only one SATA connector available! Also there were no place where I could put the SSD so I could screw it to the case - the case was designed only for 3.5" drives.

Well, it's not the first time when I had to invent something, so I managed to connect the SSD and fix it in place, but another HDD was out of luck.
Does this Dell motherboard really have only one extra SATA port?!?

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