Monday, July 30, 2012

LED daytime running lights

My Mitsubishi Eclipse was imported by the previous owner from the US, and was modified to have daytime running lights, but that job was done very badly - a modification was on the high beam circuit and something caused a fuse to melt. I just removed the fuse, as the high beam lamps were still working without it, but I lost DRL.

So to comply with the law and add some cool feature to the car I decided to put LED lights into the fog lamp placeholders - there were no fog lights anyway.

I bought a couple of LED strips on eBay (just $1 a piece):

Cut-off some extra LEDs to make proper sized rings, put them into the sockets, and used zip-ties to keep them in place:

Connected a power wire to the accessories electrical circuit, which turns on with ignition, and here we go:

 Cool, isn't it? :)

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Unknown said...

This is exactly what I was thinking of doing to my '05 Toyota Matrix. I don't have fog lights, but wanted to add a bit for an easy replacement. Thanks for adding pictures to give me a preliminary visualization!